Monday, March 15, 2010

Gerald is Missing

snowy here. we can't find gerald. pereus has been outside talking to the other dogs. there are lots of crazy stories but none have produced gerald. we won't give up though. i have managed to keep that bossy frank busy with errands for the human. her daughter was just diagnosed with tourettes(she isn't one-hundred percent convinced) so things have been pretty nuts around here. it was easy to fool frank into believing the human needed him. so for the time being i have taken back control and we will find gerald.

snowy the beautiful


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no! Poor Gerald. We warned him about all those sheep. We know if anyone is capable of finding him, it will be you Snowy. If you need any help, let us know. We are very good at teleporting.
We are sorry that the Human's daughter has been diagnosed with Tourette's.

THE ZOO said...

oh no we hope gerald comes home soon. gerald yoo get back home.

Melodie said...

Gerald where are you?!?!?! Come home...we miss you! I suspect the sheep!
Very sorry about the diagnosis of Tourette's.

Cat said...

Oh! Poor Gerald! Come back! It's spooky when friends go missing!

As for the diagnosis... Trust but verify. Just sayin'.


Animals with Opinions said...

thats good advice cat, ty. perseus thinks he might have some solid evidence finally. so hopefully we find gerald soon. i hope he is ok.

snowy the beautiful

Claire said...

GERALD! You come home this instant. I know you have probably dug out a bunker in the farmyard and you are drawing up nefarious plans to rid the world of sheep. This will not work. Just get back to being your majestic leader self. You're just trying to divert attention away from the sheep and onto yourself with this whole hiding business. You should be quite ashamed of your goatly self.

The diagnosis is upsetting. I hope they are wrong - you have had so much medical bad stuff going on and it's time for things to go right! If they are right, I hope that there are some promising treatments for her.

Claire said...

p.s. how is the new bunny?