Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stuffing Does Wonders



isn't she just lovely. see what great things you can find at a thift store. i seriously think this cost the human about twenty-five cents, maybe not even that much. she wanted to make some more but can't find any patterns online. i think she is just using the wrong words. she said something about having to take it apart so she can make a pattern. i don't think that is a good idea. on the downside she spent three bucks on the stuffing and it took the whole bag! she said it's still a great deal. plus it is a sheep and can you put a price on a sheep? the human says you can. craziness, i say.

frank the "i stole the blog from gerald" sheep


Melodie said...

Well the flat sheep fluffed up real nice! Why it is always nice to hear from you Frank,and I like you both equally,I think I need a conformation that Gerald is OK and not being held hostage some where.I only ask because I know there is some friendly rivalry between you two!

Eric and Flynn said...

Well yes, we suppose she is cute Frank, but we are more than a little concerned about Gerald. We know you sheep were multiplying worse than rabbits and we are concerned for his safety, particularly as you seem to have taken over his blog.

Claire said...

Well, I have now gotten over my jealousy of your stuffed sheep sufficiently to be able to say....I entirely plan on stealing your stuffed sheep at some point. I shall enlist the assistance of Frank. :-)