Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Sheep! Yeah!

frank here. yes, that's right, it's me, frank. gerald is neglecting his blog so i figure i can run it better. i took the human shopping yesterday to a thrift store because i had a feeling we would find something very special. boy, i couldn't have been more right. she found three sheep.

the best find was the #44 serta sheep. the human has apparently been wanting one for some time. thanks to me, she has it! i'd like to see gerald top that! the smaller lamb baa's.

now this here is neat because she just needs to add stuffing and sew it closed

so i had a splendid day shopping for sheep with the human.
frank the fun sheep


Eric and Flynn said...

Sew it closed huh?
GERALLLDDDD!! Find some scissors and carry them with you at all times. You can beat 'em!

Melodie said...

Well Frank, you are quiet the bargain hunting sheep! That last one thought...are you sure Gerald didn't run it over with a steam roller or something?

Claire said...

Frank...let's be frank. What have you done with Gerald? You know it isn't right to be nasty to him. He is a very sweet goat. We have a lamb here who is recovering from hypothermia. Perhaps you could send some good thoughts this way. I am rather envious of the stuffable sheep purchase. The Serta sheep's eyes cause me concern. I think he needs some ophthalmic ointment.