Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Updates, Boring Updates

well the human has been feeling bad so i have been helping her, aka being her slave. perseus and snowy are working on some sort of peace treaty with those naughty sheep. the human is thinking of starting her own blog to document her path with the docs and her experiences with the medicines she's been trying. i told her not to cause it would take up my computer time but she thinks it would be helpful to people going through what she is. i assured her there are others doing it and she shouldn't bother. yeah i know, i'm a big mean goat, but she hogs the computer as it is. i added a picture of simon since he is not dead yet. i guess that is everything. things have been pretty uneventful around here which can only mean something is on the horizon. guess i better watch my back!

gerald the bored goat


Melodie said...

Well,I am glad Simon is still with you! He looks a little like The Boy's inside bunny Stanley.OUr dogs would love to eat him too,somehow he has manage to avoid death for 3 years!They spent his first 6 months here fixated on his cage day and night!

Eric and Flynn said...

Simon is a very handsome young bunny.
We had quite a fright when we saw your header. That sheep is HUGE! Who or what is it eating?