Monday, April 2, 2007

can't find a topic

i've been racking my small goat brain all day for a post and i've got nothing. actually i've got alot to say but can't decide on one thing. i'm tired of global warming. lastnight it was the penguins. apparently global warming is making the babies stupid cause they can't find food. that really wasn't what they said exactly but i like it better. Just in!!! Global Warming Causes Stupidity!! well that would surely explain alot mr. gore. on the world news i found out i'm to blame for the bad pollen. gee i thought my allergies were genetic. i read alot about child protective services and families today. that just pissed me off. oh and then there's that rosie. of the four of those view chickies she is the worst but what about joy behar(sp?)? some days i can't decide who i want to stop the oxygen flow to first. perhaps just my big furry hooves in their big loud mouths. no war, no war........ i guess we could go back in time and never have war and see what we would end up with now. yes rosie, i'll get out my history eraser and erase all the wars just for you. somehow rosie, i don't think hitler would have stopped at the jews. well folks thats all for today.

gerald the bored goat

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