Friday, April 27, 2007


okay seriously is this a joke? we can't get mad at a little six year old boy that wants to be a girl. is this the warped mechanics of special interest groups to get us to accept that god does indeed make mistakes? i think that was the most disturbing 20/20 i've ever seen. "well johnny (yes johnny again) just wasn't happy unless he was wearing a dress", "well johnny just wasn't happy unless he had his crack". mom you need to keep your rump at home where it belongs instead of putting on your man suit and dumping johnny off with strangers to raise him. thats right i said it!! someone else is raising your kids when you dump them in daycare and go to work. oh well dad stays home you say. well then johnny is going to be a sissy who thinks women run the world, will probably wear a dress and prostitute himself/herself out and CSI will do a story about the murdered tranny in the alley. but hey mom has no identity unless she has a career, right? before long we won't even be able to tell the difference between the sexes. that is the goal though right. true equality. why don't we just eliminate gender all together. you laugh but it looks like thats where we're headed. welcome to the UNITED STAtES OF ANDROGYNOUS!!


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