Sunday, April 22, 2007

T.V. time with Gerald

i spent a day watching t.v. recently and what a bunch of crap!!!! commercial time had me ripping my fur out and spitting on the floor i was so appalled! here's a small bit of what i heard and saw.

"parents, read to your kids".......what? no sh** !!

"parents, eat dinner together with your kids"

PARENTS you are really mucking it up if t.v. has to tell you what to do with your kids

oh yeah there is also an obesity epidemic in children and we need to take a walk with our kids. oh and then there are the diapers. i'd say don't get me started but it's way too late for that. lets explore the diaper for a moment. it has two uses, one is to catch urine and two to catch fecal matter. thats all the exploration you need. so why in hell are you stupid parents paying a bloody fortune for pampers and huggies? is it the cute little pictures on the butt that NO ONE sees? is it the fact that they told you your walking baby needs the new special cut active diaper or he won't be able to move as easy. THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST LOADS OF POO I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!! parents you have gotten so stupid i'm suprised diapers don't have letters that read FULL when the diaper has reached capacity! what i want is a plain white diaper. no pictures. just the elastic in the legs, tabs to keep it closed, and the absorbing crystals. we'll call it the smart diaper. the packaging will be white and in plain black letters will read Smart Diaper. They will cost half the price of the extreme generic diapers and absorb just as well as the rest. oh and luvs, if you have a leak guard guarantee then maybe parents do need letters on the diaper that say FULL when johnny needs changed!


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