Monday, April 9, 2007

A Pill For Everyone and Everyone in Their Place

are you sad? we've got a pill for that
are you anxious? we've got a pill for that
are you shy? guess what? we've got a pill for you too.
name any condition and we can probably find a pill for it. if we can't we'll make one. we even have a pill for johnny who can't seem to sit still in 3rd grade. nevermind if you think he's just bored. nope! he's obviously ADD with a touch of HD. don't worry though, we've got a pill for him too. soon we will zombify the whole world with our special pills. no ones going to protest because everyones in a state of mindless zombie. since we've got the school kids this will be easy. mom and dad, the only ones who have a problem with all this medicating will die off soon and all that will be left are their drugged kids. it's brilliant really. if mom and dad won't drug their kids all we have to do is threaten to take away their kids and they will comply!!! total pill domination!! we win, you sleep.

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