Saturday, December 8, 2007

Crazy Bloodhound!!!

oh sure she looks cute, but she's crazy!!!! if you look closely you can see where she ate the arm of the favorite chair. who the heck eats fabric? yeah i know, dogs. this dog eats anything. i saw her eat raw carrots once and her own vomit. she isn't like the "best dog". he hunts rabbit and skins them perfectly. this bloodhound is not very nice when there is food around. on that animal planet show they put dogs down for food aggression. my dumb human hand feeds her. she doesn't hand feed me!!!! the vet said to get a shock collar and then zap her real good when she's acting like an idiot. i can't wait. i'm going to put it on the human when she's sleeping!!! hahahaha. can you just imagine being jolted awake by that!! oh my gosh i can't stop laughing!!

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