Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Best Dog Ever

sorry for the delay kids but my human has been making me work!! she's gone mad but i'll deal with her later. i wanted you to meet the best dog ever. the neighbors down the road are getting a divorce and just left their animals. he is the only survivor of the dogs they left. to look at him he's not so cute but when you learn about what a great dog he is you can't help but like the guy. he loves kids and cats. he doesn't like people to know he likes cats but my human has caught hime outside licking one and cuddling. i think he was just tenderizing it before he took a bite. he is a great guard dog. he chases the cows away if they are too close to the fence when we go out. c'mon cows can be dangerous. in fact when anyone goes out or comes home he runs the perimeter of the property barking to make sure it's safe. he's been hit by the mail jeep and survived. he comes in the house and never does anything wrong unlike that crazy bloodhound we'll meet later. he's just an all around great dog. his blue eyes are a little creepy. sometimes he stares intensely at me and i have to tell him to stop. but it's okay. he's a great dog. more pets to meet coming soon.

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