Monday, December 24, 2007

New Eyes and Chocolate Peanuts

blue eyes? that's just not natural! the human says they're just for now, until she finds him brown or black. apparently he was getting hurt wandering around a house he doesn't know. i gave him a stick but he hit me with it. said he didn't need any crutches. geesh. i guess he's a bit crabby. well that b.t. bear was right about the chocolate peanuts. he was alot happier when his new eyes cleared up and the human gave him the bag of chocolate peanuts. we got to go for a trip with our human but we'll talk about that later. roadkill is doing much better. i still haven't figured out how come he gets a new scarf. the human made it for him. said it would help make him feel better too. geesh if this keeps up i might just move out of here!! or maybe there should be one less bear in the house! i'm gonna have to have some words with my human about this.

gerald the jealous goat

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