Thursday, February 11, 2010

Darn Humans

sorry for being away, i will now continue with the sheep horror of pies and such. i guess they were just making a pecan pie. why? why would nine sheep move in here to make a pecan pie? i did not eat the pie. the human said it was very good. i guess it wasn't poisoned or the poison they used doesn't hurt humans. im not sure whats going on but i hope to find something out soon.

my human decided to get a migraine (maybe it was the pie), then a spinal injection for pain (which has only given her a headache and back pain so far) and then she went to an infectious disease doctor for no reason so that is why i haven't been on. unfortunately she hasn't given me access passwords but i am in the process of hacking so next time she decides to be ill and such i can continue my work. i will catch up with all of you soon.
gerald the hacking goat


Claire said...

Dear Gerald,
I am relieved to see you back in fine form. I am sorry to hear about the frailties of your human. I think she is over stressed. You must do more to help her. Pecan pie is my favorite. I think they did it just to irritate me because I wasn't there to have any. It's a conspiracy I tell you. I hope your human didn't get the migraine from playing with too much wool.
Stay healthy.

Eric and Flynn said...

Glad to see you back Gerald. We think the pie was poisoned with just enough to bump you off, but only enough to give your human a migraine. You were very wise not to eat it. We hope she soon feels better.