Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goat Lies

with the herd of sheep came a show called shaun the sheep. he's from wallace and grommit, a close shave. i like wallace and grommit and i sort of like shaun the sheep. the human loves it of course. the other day i walked in the room and there was a goat on one of the old episodes. i thought , oh good, finally. HOW WRONG I WAS!! the goat ate everything. it ate a tire, a brick, yes i said a BRICK and it drank out of a toilet!!!! what the hell?! the human was laughing, alot, too much in fact. all the sheep were laughing too. i explained to them that all of that was rubbish! oh i forgot, he ate a bike horn too. do people really believe that goats can eat bricks, metal and tires? wankers! all of them. if that wasn't enough the boy was watching a malcom in the middle rerun. they were at the zoo and reese ticked off a nubian. the nubian followed him all over the zoo then attacked him. what?! that is such crap! everyone knows nubians are too dumb to do any of that! so for the last time......GOATS DO NOT AND WILL NOT EAT ANYTHING!!
gerald the rather finicky goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Our mum likes Wallace and Grommit too. Don't worry Gerald, we don't believe the propaganda that you eat all sorts of crap. We know you are much too discerning for that. Of course you wouldn't eat a brick. Everyone knows it would break your teeth!
Before we were born, the lady at the next farm to us had a goat and it would walk into the village (about a quarter mile away) and get on the bus. It wouldn't let anyone else on or off because it kept butting them. The driver had to walk to her house and someone would come back with him and get the goat off the bus. Mum thought it was funny because they were all scared of him but really he was only playing.

Claire said...

Don't get your horns tied in a knot Gerald. Goats eat lots of things, but not silly things like bricks. My goats like eating discarded Christmas trees, goat chow, peanuts, cookies, hay, alfalfa, salt lick, peppermints, apples, pumpkin, zucchini, and other such delights. They don't eat bricks. They do eat tree bark though.