Monday, February 22, 2010

Sheep, Sheep,Sheep, Sheep, Sheep!!

i think the sheep have been doing brain experiments on my human. all i ever hear her talk about is sheep lately. oh and don't forget, "the cute wittle lambie poos". miss claire hasn't helped things. sorry dear, but that place where the lady made little lamb coats for those lambs, well my human didn't need to see that. all day yesterday was sheep and lamb talk. she even made her owner look at the lambs in their coats. oh and don't forget the black lamb. she just loved that lamb. WHAT ABOUT KIDS AND GOATS? i've never heard about sheep having personality or getting out of every latched goat ever invented. and with easter coming i heard her tell the owner that she wants a white stuffed lamb and a black one. she already has a big stuffed lamb from tractor supply that he got her for christmas. she doesn't need any more. what she needs is a big life sized stuffed me!! wait, that might mean i died. scratch that. why aren't there easter goats. people eat us at easter too!! but no the shelves will be lined with dumb stuffed sheep that my human will beg for and her owner will get her because he gives her anything she wants if he can. maybe i need to have a man to man talk with him. this sheep business must stop!!
gerald the tired of sheep goat


Cat said...

Hey Gerald,
I think you are probably right, I think sometimes sheep are trying to take over the world with cuteness. THEN we will see what happens. Oh, and my husband was sooo insulting to goats the other day. I was making a model of a goat, Husband said I should just get a toy sheep and add horns! OH! MY! OUCH!!


Eric and Flynn said...

It's time for action Gerald. Those sheep are taking over. They have already brainwashed your Human. How long before they do the same to her owner? You Perseus and Snowy need to band up and defeat those evil sheep before it is too late. It is starting with you. Who knows how long before they take over the world!

Claire said...

Gerald, remember your duties.
1. Be Majestic at all times.
2. Be a competent and kind ruler of sheep.
3. Be kind to your human and indulge her. She feeds you. Remember that well.
4. Be benevolent. Sort of like the Dalai Lama, but you are the Dalai Goat.
5. If it makes your human happy, support it. She is more likely to give you treats when she is happy.

If it makes you feel any better, we will be having goat kids on the farm in April. We have 4 goats who are due. We have 14 sheep who are also due, but the goats will be kidding in the lull between lambings, so they will get plenty of blog-time. Stay tuned. Opal, Coffee, Puffin and Lotus may need sage advice from a goatly man such as yourself. Sometimes our buck, Val, is a little loopy, because he's angora.

Anonymous said...

I agree, where are all the stuffed goats. I have been looking everywhere for a ceramic or stuffed goat. I have even looked everywhere for material with goats on it. Nothing nowhere