Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sheep Love

ugh i think i am gonna be sick. there was a lot of this going on around here with the sheep. i don't think would i have cared so much except that they kept using "ewe" instead of "you". luckily the humans don't really do too much on v-day. one year she got two goats but i think that's the only time she got anything. lucky for me rut is over so i don't owe anybody anything. yep, that's me the bachelor. boy do i save money. can you just imagine if i had to get something for every doe. i would be in the poor house. heck there wouldn't even be a house!

gerald the single goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh well Gerald, if the sheep are canoodling, at least they aren't attacking you.

Animals with Opinions said...

that is very true but they might be making more!!

Claire said...

Awwww Gerald, that is so sweet, did the sheepies send you love notes?