Saturday, March 10, 2007

Addressing Homeschooling

A Superior Court judge in New Jersey says homeschooling is just about the same as deliberate child abuse. see article at

some stupid so called homeschooling family abused their kid. wrong yes. typical, absolutely NOT. everyone is freaking out now that kids aren't being tested and slipping through the cracks. someone needs to monitor this. oh no those kids aren't getting their lessons on how to be gay, masturbate, catch an std, tolerate all things,get an abortion without your parents knowing, etc.

Slipping through the cracks? Please! Testing? The teachers can't even pass those tests. The public schools pass failing kids all the time cause no one wants to mess with them. let me tell you what i learned in public school: how to be very bored, how to long to learn things i was actually interested in, how to get out of that hell hole, how to draw without the teacher seeing, how to read something else without the teacher seeing,and so on.

I think i'm too mad to continue. i'll have to finish later. i can't write when i'm this mad. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! i'm going to go chase down some innocent little mice and tear out their throats.


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david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

As promised, I've checked out your site. You've certainly made an impressive start.

Now the challenge is to maintain (and increase) the momentum. Have a look at the ``Reader Radar'' post on my blog at and keep an eye on the next part on the series.

I like your range of subjects, but as you increase the number of posts, you need to think, too, of graphic/ design/ photo elements to retain the interest of readers.

You're out of the blocks well. Now keep accelerating. If you need any advice, just buzz me on my site. You know wher to find me and I'm always happy to help.


David aka aussiejourno