Friday, March 23, 2007

Straight Pride Month and flag

every minority group in the country has a day or month, pride,parade, and a flag except heterosexuals. i say it is time we start rubbing our preference in everyones face. so lets start sewing our flag. what should it look like? what month should we claim? we can also demand a day of silence in public school for heterosexual students. then we can populate certain neighborhoods in all the major cities and put our "straight propaganda" all over our yard! we will also force all the gay first graders to walk in our parade. people will get mad, call us breeders, say we're shoving it in everyones faces; it'll be great!!! i mean how dare we. we might upset somebody with our openness. oh dear we might influence kids to be straight. the publics feelings will be hurt and we'll all get thrown in jail for expressing ourselves and offending people with our straight sexuality. who's with me? c'mon i know you want to! equal rights, right?


don't forget our own t.v station and magazine!

penelope is in the sweat shop sewing now


Anonymous said...

Every time I see one of those rainbow flags or stickers on a car, I think, "I already know too much about your sex life." We can't say anything, though, because the lawyers who work for the gay mafia will smash us down and put us in prison for so-called "hate speech." Where's our flag that throws our sexuallity in their faces, huh?

Animals with Opinions said...

penelope is working on it!

Shuberth said...

i agree with you we need a day for us and a flag.!!