Thursday, March 8, 2007

something creepy

it has a been awhile but i was watching rachel ray one morning (she was making a mean chili, i swear). one of her guests was this teacher who goes to her students houses in her p.j.'s and reads the kid a bedtime story. my first question is, don't the parents know how to read? second, why is my kids teacher standing on our front porch in her p.j.'s? third, with all the teachers out there trying to get in our kids pants why should i allow this? sounds like a government watch dog association developing. i can only imagine what a huge mess this can create at the hand of Child Protective Services. "mr. jones, we are here investigating the fact that "anonymous" saw a bruise on said childs arm and we believe your childs safety is in jeopardy." just my opinion but i think it's all really creepy.
gerald the majestic goat

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