Saturday, March 31, 2007

Food commercials made my kid fat

Parents? Is your kid fat? Well it must be all those commercials. That's right. You couldn't possibly be to blame. You don't make the commercials. The evil food companies put those commercials on t.v. and then your kid got fat. Johnny, who is just seven and weighs 150 lbs., put his huge allowance in his pocket, got on a bus (i was going to have him ride his bike but then he probably wouldn't weigh 150, right?), stopped at the grocery store(he used a free wheel chair to shop in), and bought all the stuff he saw on t.v. that day. He must have been in some sort of trance. Yes the commercial took over his brain....."Johnny... Johnny....leave the house now and go buy twinkies, cupcakes, cookies, nacho cheeeeeeeese it all...ALL.....ALL!!!!!" Yep! The commercials made him fat. "Parents....Parents.....sue......sue.......SUE THEM ALL!!!


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