Thursday, March 8, 2007

mens rights vs. womens rights

i've been tossing this around for awhile. if a woman doesn't want her baby she can abort it. what if the guy she slept with wants the baby? she can still abort it. what if she wants the baby but he doesn't? he will have to pay child support for it till it's 18. this really makes no sense to me. shouldn't the guy have the right to brush off the responsibility just as the girl does. heck yeah!!! girls can have a fling and dissolve the bi-products, why can't men? if women have the right to choose then men should have the same right to sign a paper and say sorry this just won't work for me. women don't want equality they want favortism, sympathy, and money. if a girl aborts she's praticing her right to choice. if a man won't pay child support he's a pig. someone tell me what is so equal about that.
wondering where all the real men went

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