Thursday, March 8, 2007

Protecting yourself from Child Protective Services

penelopes personal story
child protective services came to my house one day with a tip, 1st that my kitties weren't in school and 2nd there was a concern for the childrens safety, especially the baby kitty. i told the lady we homeschool and asked what the safety thing was about. she said she needed to talk to the children(she wants in my house). i asked her if she had a warrant and she said she didn't need one. YES SHE DOES!!!!!!! and don't let them tell you otherwise. i told her she did need one. then i asked again about the safety thing. she said there was a tip that my kitties weren't vaccinated. i explained to HER (the state worker) that in this state i can use a personal or religious exemption therefore i've done nothing wrong. i told her to go back to the office and educate herself on state laws and then notify me this has been dropped. it of course got dropped. but less than a month later a social worker from the school showed up asking about the kids not being in school. WHAT THE ****!!! i didn't say that but i was mad. i told her they were homeschooled. she said i need to notify the school. i told her in this state i don't have to notify anyone. she said that had i she wouldn't have had to inconvenience me with her coming there. as if it's my fault she's a nazi. i know who called and tried to ruin my life. i also put a huge sign on my door stating that we homeschool. i called a lawyer after the cps visit and the lawyer didn't know the state laws about anything. the lesson here is that the 4th amendment can save your ass! never let anyone in your home, no matter what they say or threaten, if they don't have a warrant. doing so allows them to lie. so many parents lose their kids because they let cps in their home. we became members of home school legal defense shortly after.
a lesson from penelope
know your rights!!!

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