Saturday, March 10, 2007

Greedy Schools

I can not understand why parents are allowing schools to tell them what they can and can not do with their kids. In Scotts Valley, California the ScottsValley district is charging parents by the day for missed classes if the parents take their kids out for vacation. What? We already pay twice what the government pays in and the schools wants more. (note here we pay taxes for public schools and our kids don't even attend so they are actually getting money for non existent kids too) To me this is just proof that the school is more concerned with money than kids. This brings to my mind the topic of ADD and ADD/HD. Schools get even more if the kids have conditions. Anyone notice the rise in ADD and ADD/HD? I sure did. I'll address ADD later in a different blog. Anyway, parents should be able to pull their kids out for whatever, whenever without the school demanding money. The parents have already paid!

"Are the ski slopes calling? Is the beach beckoning? Are you taking the kids to Disneyland midweek to avoid the crowds?" the letter asked. "If so, we would encourage you to reconsider. When your child misses school, there are consequences for the student and the district."

I hardly think missing some school has negative effects on the kids. In fact it was probably good for them to get out of that prison of oppression.

"Our schools are duct-taped together and they're in portables. It's a shame. We need every penny we can keep," she said. "If you can afford to go to Disneyland or go on a ski trip, maybe you can afford a donation."

It is NO business of the school how or what parents spend their money on. A donation? For what? Education on tolerance so the kids learn to lay down and let the government walk all over them? More after school clubs that parents aren't even allowed to know if their kid is in? Maybe a gay pride float for the first graders so all the homosexuals know the six year olds support their lifestyle? Sure, i'll give you a donation. Here's a math book, a reading book, a language book, a handwriting book, an old history book(none of that america is evil b.s.),and a biology book. Now get rid of all that after school liberal propaganda and do your job!!!


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