Thursday, March 15, 2007

BOO Police

yes, i said boo police. i saw it on fox news a couple nights ago. they have put boo police at basketball games somewhere in the state of washington i believe. thats right you must embrace the rival team with love and acceptance. cheer for them too. hell lets just not have a winner so no one feels bad. we're all EQUAL. yes even you melvin who is always benched because you suck! melvin, you're a winner too. bring in the U.N. cheerleaders! what the hell happened to competition. isn't that what pushes us to do better? try harder? prove ourselves? i love competition. i love the rush i used to get standing at the plate holding that bat in my sweaty palms. we lost every game that season but who cares. that was my best year ever. i would have wondered what was wrong with the other team if they wouldn't have been haggling us.

so i ask again why aren't parents doing anything about the schools. oh goody our sons are turning into a bunch of non competitive zombies. whats the point of playing if there is no winner or you have to share your win with the other team that LOST. you know, the LOSER. what kind of players do you get then. no one will play their best thats for sure. i just can't believe it. well actually i can. my son played t-ball and they didn't keep score. don't want to hurt anyones feelings. so you can never say, hey, your not very good at that, lets try some other things. well no i'm not gonna try cause i can keep sucking at basketball and everyone is still gonna call me a winner.


remains the pissed off goat

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