Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful Snowy

i thought you could use a break from sheep and that lunatic goat so im going to tell you about how fabulous i am. first lets look at me.

first notice that the human has not taken care of the "good camera problem". second notice all my lovely points. third would be my beautiful blue eyes but the good camera is not working. gerald is jealous of how lovely i am and so is perseus. im the only animal here with blue eyes. that alone makes shall we say... majestic! see he isn't the only majestic animal. plus he isn't majestic. he is a goof. so let me show you how cute i look when i roll around on the floor.

im trying to kill the evil brown dog lucy. she won't leave me alone. everytime i come in she jumps on me and wants to play. that gets my fur wet and ugly so i bite her and jump on her. she is dumb also as she won't stop trying to play. oh well im not afraid of dogs. i chased the neighbors dog the other day. it ran up on the porch it was so scared! so back to my beauty. i am very soft and the human loves to pet me. even the humans owner loves me and he isn't that into animals. my human feeds me very well. i do miss the goat milk she used to give me though. i am good at getting rid of mice. i've gotten three here and now the humans love me even more. yes i am fabulous. i am pleased to finally get to address all of you. if you love me send me temptations and catnip.

snowy the most majestic animal

just a note: a four year old named me when i was born. i was all white so i figure she didn't know i would not look like snow later on.


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Snowy, we're glad to meet you at last. You are beautiful. We do have to say though that you shouldn't try to take our friend Gerald's title, he is The Majestic One. Maybe you could be Snowy The Regal One. Yup, that should do it, Gerald Majestic and Snowy Regal, no stepping on each other's toes that way.
Purrs, Eric and Flynn
The Peacemakers.

Animals with Opinions said...

i suppose you are right. i just like giving him a hard time. snowy the real one would work just fine. you two are a handsome bunch! look forward to talking more with the two of you.

snowy the regal cat