Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Pain For the Human

im starting to feel bad for her. the other night the evil one year old hit her in the head with the broom handle. she never saw it coming. lastnight the evil one flopped down on her and hit his head on hers hard. miraculously he managed to hit her in exactly the same spot the the broom hit her. again she was completely unprepared. she said her head hurt and i think she has a knot on her head. she also burnt her finger in the stove. guess im gonna have to step up protection duty or she is gonna be dead by the end of the week.
gerald the protective goat


Claire said...

This could result in concussion, which might have unusual consequences, such as you being fed cat food, or other undignified incidents. I recommend placing the human in solitary confinement in a room lined with pillows. Ensure she is fed well. All this should pass.

Eric and Flynn said...

We are impressed Gerald, you are getting very compassionate and protective.If she does feed you cat food, we have plenty of hay here which we will swap with you.

Animals with Opinions said...

if she feeds me cat food i will indeed swap you for hay and some sweedish fish. i love those fish and she won't get me any. maybe if i put her in solitary i will feed her goat feed. might straighten her out!

gerald the swedish fish loving goat