Thursday, January 7, 2010

Human at Doctors Again

human went to the doctor again. he wanted to see if she was better. thankfully she was but not in the pain area. so finally, after seven years, she got a referral to pain management. i hope this means she will start taking better care of me. my hooves still need trimmed and i haven't had a cookie in i don't know how long. i need my cookies!!
gerald the neglected goat


Claire said...

Oh dear, cookie emergency! Somebody get this goat some cookies! You never know what a goat will do if he hasn't had some quality cookies. Everybody is in danger until this goat is properly fed!

Animals with Opinions said...

so glad SOMEONE understands the seriousness of my lack of cookies. maybe you could tell my human ill die without them.

gerald the cookie loving goat

Eric and Flynn said...

Our mum is sitting drinking coffee and eating cookies as she reads this. Do you want us to parcel her up and send her over with the cookies? We feel very sorry for you in your tragically neglected state so you can borrow her for a while, but not too long or we won't get any treats.

Animals with Opinions said...

yes send her, i gotta have cookies!!!