Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OH NO!!!

SHE GOT ME A FRIEND!!!!!!! i believe eric and flynn may be right. all the accidents my human has had have indeed affected her brain! so she comes home from the store the other night all sorts of excited. cool, she brought me something neat home. oh yes she did, but it is not neat! it is not cool!! it is named frank!!! it is a, a, a, i can't even say it. so, i'll just show you.

the horror! the shame!! HOW DARE SHE!!! look at him, he is hideous. he is a sheep. A SHEEP!!! she says im to be nice to him. oh sure, ill be really nice to FRANK!! what kind of name is that for a sheep? do you even name sheep? yes probably since they are too dumb to name themselves. i must get rid of him! oh, did i mention frank stinks? he smells like, oh i don't know, plastic!! i think i might pack up and move to iowa!! below i am telling him where to go. i won't repeat all i said but he did not get the point cause he is still here.

so my life is ruined but only for awhile. this frank fellow is going to leave. i don't know how or when, but he is not staying here!!

gerald the anti-sheep goat


Eric and Flynn said...

OMC! Life just keeps getting worse for you Gerald. We have an idea though. You could have a raffle. Just think of all the money you could make, and then you could buy as many cookies as you want.Whatever you do, don't let your Human know anything about it though or she will try and put a stop to it.

Claire said...

OK Gerald, hang on....deeeeep breaths, yes, that's good, again...yes very good. Now, just remember what we talked about. Sheep are for giving orders to - they are in need of a good leader, a good, wise, majestic leader. You must display your benevolent side. Make the sheep adore you (because he will, given the chance). I agree, Frank is not a good name. I think you may need to see about that. Perhaps something like Fidget or Flopsy would be better suited. Keep it in perspective Gerald, this is how you can become famous as a barnyard leader. The Good, Benevolent, Majestic King Gerald, keeper of sheep. Yes. Feel the power....it runs strong in you, my man. Follow your destiny.