Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snowys Photo Has Arrived

yes the lazy human finally did it. snowy does not like having her photo taken so it took the human about ten minutes to get anything even close to presentable. sadly this picture does not capture her blue eyes or her beautiful points. oh well im going to tell her that our job as beautiful animals is to be seen and admired. i mean when you window shop you don't want to see just the sleeve of the shirt, you want the whole shirt. we want the whole cat! so anyway, she will be speaking on here sometime soon so she can tell everyone about her. i put in a good word for those lovely cats, eric and flynn, so she is looking forward to meeting them.

gerald the motivational goat

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Eric and Flynn said...

Mraowww, well hello there Snowy, it's a pleasure to meet you. Gerald has been keeping rather quiet about you and now we can see why. Has he ever told you how beautiful you are?