Sunday, January 3, 2010

More to Tell

okay we read the shower story which was great. i now have proof that the human is stupid. today she is supposed to be going to see her goats. her friend said they have piglets and not to touch them cause the mom will kill the human. its just a pot bellied pig, how much damage can that little thing do? well as soon as she was told not to touch she has an uncontrolled desire to touch those piglets. she told her friend this. her friend does not care if the pig kills her cause she's hoping for pictures or videos of the whole thing. i like this friend. she has goats and wants the human dead. sounds like the perfect friend to me!
gerald the murderous goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Hmm, so Gerald the Compassionate goat was a no go then. If your human gets attacked by the pot bellied pig and is murdered, who will feed you? We hope she didn't get too badly hurt when she was attacked by the shower. Sounds like she is a walking disaster.

Animals with Opinions said...

oh im just giving her a hard time. but yes she is a walking disaster.

gerald the nicer than before goat

Claire said...

Perhaps your human needs a sort of a "seeing-eye goat" that is not just for seeing things but also for avoiding disasters, so that the all intelligent goat will prevent the human from doing things she should not do, which will result in harm to her body. Yes, I think you need to work on that. A "disaster-avoidance goat" could be a very useful thing.

Animals with Opinions said...

that is brilliant!! that would bring my compassionate meter up alot. although some things she is very stubborn about and i might have to tie her up and stuff her in a closet to keep her safe. oh well. as long as i do my part i guess its fine.

gerald the disaster avoidance goat