Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is This?

could it be she still does love me best? i saw this on her. she hadn't told me, she said it was a surprise. what a splendid suprise indeed. the photo quality isn't great cause the nice camera has a problem but you get the idea. she said the tattoo man had never been asked for a goat before. i find that odd. oh well leave it to my human. oh don't tell her i said this but i think she is having her midlife crisis. she has never had any interest in a tattoo before so its got to be that.
gerald the fabulously majestic goat


Claire said...

Dear Gerald,
That is a mark of devotion if I ever saw one. I love all my critters but I do not have any tattoos, and I am too wimpy to get one. You should be very honoured. I hope you noticed my very goat-centric post done yesterday.

Are you going to get a tattoo of your human?

Eric and Flynn said...

Wow! It must be love. She has you tattooed on her for all time. Our mum doesn't have any tattoos so maybe she should get us put one on each arm. We would probably have a hard time persuading her though as she is also a wimp.