Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Troubles Brewing

this could be the end. my human brought home a sheep magazine!!!!!!!! why i ask, why? she said she's just looking. thats what she said about the rabbit book and poultry book. she doesn't need sheep. she doesn't need wool. she can't knit anything but squares and rectangles. i think i have fifty scarves!! see once she gets an idea it becomes a purchase. thankfully right now she can't have anything cause we live in a shoebox. but oh dear if they ever get out of here she will act. this must be stopped. i must be the most majestic thing here. not that im worried about some dumb sheep but ive heard her ooh and ahh over those darn lambs. oh no, i just remembered, her owner got her a big stuffed sheep from tsc(tractor supply company) for christmas. that was a sign, i just know it!! there are fiber goats but she said they aren't colored enough. i hardly call brown, tan, black and white colors. sounds more like a chunk of dirt to me with a little tar and paper mixed in. i must do something about this, but what?
gerald the endangered majestic goat


Claire said...

Dear Gerald,
Fear not. This is simply an opportunity for you to show her the superiority of goats to sheep. You see, I do have both, and I see advantages to both, but there are things that goats can do that sheep cannot do, and that makes you special. If your human gets a sheep, or even several sheep, you will be able to point out their weaknesses and make her appreciate you all the more. Sheep are nice to humans and will endear themselves by wanting head rubs and such. You can laugh at them, and you can order them around. They take orders very well. It is all a matter of a balanced farmyard. Sheep will simply help to show your superior qualities. Relax. It's all good.

Eric and Flynn said...

We agree with Claire. We don't have any sheep or goats but there are lots of sheep in the field next to ours. Sometimes we watch them through the hedge and they really can be very thick. you will look even more majestic and intelligent next to them.
They try and try to get through their fence then if they manage it, they stand on the other side baaing to get back in. For goodness sake! If you're going to escape, make it worthwhile and make your Human go and look for you instead of standing there looking like a load of, well, like a load of sheep.
We saw this video and wondered if you thought these children look traumatised. Hope the link is right.
Purrs E&F.

Animals with Opinions said...

thanks you guys, that makes me feel much better. i shouldn't worry, i know how wonderful i am. those kids are in no way traumitized. in fact they love them. ha i knew it!

gerald the oh so very majestic goat