Friday, January 8, 2010

Perseus Speaks

im talking over for gerald today. he is so weak from lack of cookies he went to bed. i think he is pouting. i ate his cookies but don't tell him. he acts as if he is so special but im the favorite. he's been stomping around demanding cookies. i have a cookie stash he doesn't know about. the human is very kind to all of us. gerald put on some pounds which is why he doesn't get any cookies. i bet he left that part out. goats. anyway i'm supposed to guard the goats. human says i am a pleasure to have around. i'v never heard her say that about gerald. right now the only thing i guard is the cat, snowy, and the humans. im pretty quiet and don't jump up on people which makes my human very happy. she always gets me pig ears and cow ears to chew on to let me know how much she loves me. she scratches me alot too just to let me know how much she likes me. i have a great life here. can't wait to do my real job.
perseus the might


Eric and Flynn said...

Gerald, we need to have a quiet word with you. Who is Perseus? He hijacked your blog today! We see he likes pigs ears and cows ears so we assume he is a dog. Anyway, he has been spreading it about that you are FAT! He says you are not allowed cookies and he has a secret stash.We suggest you slip him a few extra pigs ears, and while he is occupied with them you need to have a good mooch around for those cookies. We hate to think of you starving.
Your very concerned friends E&F.

Animals with Opinions said...

hmmm that doesn't suprise. that dog has had it in for me since the human brought him home. im going to find his cookies and hide for my own use. oh and i am not fat. hes fat. i am a perfect weight for a mountain goat. im gonna have to have a word with that pup. thank you for the information.

gerald the sneaky goat