Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tattoos and My Growing Popularity

as fabulous as the tattoo is, and as fabulous as a gesture it was. i have no plans of putting her anywhere on my gorgeous hide. she of course understands that i must remain flawless. i have heard that a couple of people are wimps and would not get a tattoo. i personally think that all humans should permanently inscribe a portrait of me or some other beautiful animal on their flesh. the human said it does hurt but after awhile you don't care. so see whats holding you back? a couple of fabulous felines on your arms or any animal you love is a great thing to put on your flesh. you humans don't think twice about branding us,tagging us, or tattooing us so it is only right that you experience it too. let us mark you for the world to know who you belong to.
next piece of business is my growing popularity. okay i know im not real popular right now but claire from whispering acres(her link is on the page) mentioned me a few times in a post. so i figure with all the readers she has they will be curious as to who this great majestic goat is she speaks of. then they will come running here and be mesmerized by my majestic charm.
gerald the majestically charming goat

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Claire said...

Dear Gerald,
I am very disappointed in your decision not to tattoo your owner on your buttock. It would have been so touching.

I am glad to help increase your popularity. We goats and goat-people must support each other you know.

Happy Day,