Monday, January 11, 2010

This Had Better Be a Joke

one of the humans few friends sent this to her. i really hope its a joke cause im gonna sue for slander. i have never attacked a teletubby. i would have hired a sniper to take it out. so anyway whoever made this is giving us goats a baaad reputation. i have never dropped out of a tree onto a human, ever. so tell me what you think my many friends. i am very concerned about this.

gerald the sniper hiring goat


Eric and Flynn said...

We thought it had to be a joke too, but when we read it, it doesn't look like a joke. We can't believe that you and your friends could traumatise kids (of the Human kind.)More likely to be you getting traumatised.
Our card arrived today. It's lovely thank you.

Animals with Opinions said...

see i thought it sounded serious also. they don't mention the children pulling our ears and tails, trying to ride us, calling us names, throwing things at us and on and on. this will not be good for the goat community if people read that trash! im so mad i could spit, but im not a llama, so im gonna go strip bark off a tree!!

gerald the angry goat