Sunday, January 31, 2010

OH NO!!! Don't Say Mint Sauce to Sheep!!!

ahhhh!! so, i tried getting the sheep to go away by saying mint sauce, and they attacked!!!

see, i knew these sheep were up to no good. i am quickly losing control of this situation. once my head stops hurting i am going to do something. i really am this time. i've been flapping my gums and doing nothing like a politician. no more!!
gerald the motivated head hurts goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Good heavens Gerald! There are eight of them now. We really thought the mint sauce would scare them off. Whatever were Perseus and Snowy doing when all this was happening? They should be helping you.
Your very concerned friends, Eric and Flynn.

Animals with Opinions said...

yeah i was wondering where fluffy and muffy were too. it happened so quick i don't think they would have been able to stop it. they are quick and quiet. ninja sheep!

gerald the not feeling majestic goat

Yang said...

One of those sheep looks like Chuckie the sociopathic doll to me. I think you might need to call in an exorcist.

Claire said...

Gerald, I am now convinced. These are wolves in sheep's clothing. A very bad situation is afoot. You must protect your human!

THE ZOO said...

luuks lyk a sheep riot.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!