Thursday, January 28, 2010

HOW Are They Getting In?!

this is madness! how are they getting in? looks like they watched wallace and grommit(which i love) "a close shave" or they are from the circus. i do not understand why they keep coming. my human says they are very entertaining. sure they aren't. i tried to convince them that only frank can be here but they just don't listen. they don't really say anything either. silent means dangerous, or really dumb. i'll be sleeping with one eye open, thats for sure. the newest evil member is named joe. where do they get these names? i think i will rename them. flopsy, mopsy and dopey might work. i don't know. i think you aren't supposed to name them cause then you get attached. well i wouldn't but my human would. i can just see her cuddling one of them. ugh im gonna be sick.

gerald the sheep investigating goat
post script: did you notice that herb(thats what she named my stunt double) has a scarf. she made it for him. i don't have a scarf.


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no! We warned you! That Carl must be a Carla. We didn't think it happened that quickly though. There were baby lambs in the field next to ours today. We will keep guard to make sure that we don't get over run by sheep too.
We think you should get a scarf too. A stunt double shouldn't get what you don't have.

Animals with Opinions said...

oh yes i think you were right. the sheep mumble when they do speak. i think they multiply like rabbits. do watch those sheep, im sure they are organized. the human said she might make me a scarf. might? thats rubbish! it should be a "yes of course".

gerald the scarf wanting goat

Claire said...

You see how this is working. The sheep are flocking to you, because they have heard of your great and majestic leadership qualities. They are drawn to your leadership. They need your direction. They are in awe of your mightiness.

A scarf might imply weakness, you see. That you would feel the cold, for example. I mean honestly, do "real" goats wear scarves? Why do you want to show yourself as weak and shivering?

Marigold said...

I have to tell Claire that real goats *would* wear scarves if the goatmother would crochet them one. That aside, I HAVE to know. Gerald, are you REALLY a Mountain goat???