Friday, January 29, 2010

Night Guard

as a livestock guardian dog i am the best in the business. i don't have goats to watch as they are staying at a friends but i have people to watch. gerald came to me about the sheep problem wondering how i didn't know they were breaking in. i had no answer for him but said i would keep an eye out. i set up motion sensor cameras. it's a good thing i did cause lastnight was the biggest break in of sheep ever. here is what i caught lastnight.
this sheep apparently got stuck but they got him out. i've never seen anything like this before.

so i will be reporting this to gerald and let him handle the rest. they were very quiet. i hear everything but them. i hope i don't lose my job over this breech of security. i'm not even a year old so maybe they will go easy on me.

perseus the mighty


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh my cod! It is far worse than we ever suspected. Gerald will be very grateful that you found out how they are getting in. You have to put a stop to it Perseus. There may even be a cookie or two in it for you.

Claire said...

This is very mysterious. Usually sheep do not act in concert like this, and they are not nearly this organized. I am beginning to worry.